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    Rescue Union School District

    Educating for the Future, Together

    RUSD Mission Statement

    RUSD Mission Statementtitle

    Rescue Union School District, in partnership with families and the community, is dedicated to the success of every student by providing a challenging, comprehensive, and quality education in a safe environment in which all individuals are respected, valued, connected, and supported.
    RUSD Tenets

    RUSD Tenetstitle

    We believe in modeling respect, honesty, and integrity in a professional manner as we work together toward common goals.

    We believe in engaging all students in meaningful curriculum activities that promote a quest for knowledge and life-long learning.

    We believe in providing multiple opportunities that challenge all students to reach their potential, as well as providing support for those at risk.

    We believe in open, non-judgmental communication with families, staff, students, and the community.

    We believe in collaboration of schools, families, and the community to benefit the lives of children.

    We believe in making a positive difference for students by providing a safe learning environment, which fosters social, academic, and emotional growth.
    RUSD Vision

    RUSD Visiontitle

    Rescue Union School District is known and respected for quality educational programs that prepare students for the ever-changing challenges of society. Rescue students succeed with the active support of families, staff and community members. Students are literate, self-reliant, respectful citizens who are prepared for the future.