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    Rescue Union School District

    Educating for the Future, Together

    The Library/Media Center is responsible for providing and coordinating access to knowledge, information, and diversity of ideas. It serves as the hub for students, parents, and the community to access information. Here, users become excited about literacy and learn to manage technology resources. Students improve their productivity, by having a "one-stop-shop" where they plan, create, and produce materials and projects. 
      Dave Scroggins
      Assistant Superintendent
      Curriculum and Instruction
      2390 Bass Lake Road
      Rescue, CA 95672
      Phone: (530) 672-4806
      Fax: (530) 677-0719
      Phone: (530) 672-4840
      Fax: (530) 677-0719
    Library Media Coordinators by Site:

    Library Media Coordinators by Site:title

    Green Valley Elementary School
    Sandra Villalovoz
    Phone: (530) 677-3686 x3552
    Jackson Elementary School
    Michelle Upton
    Phone: (916) 933-1828 x5009
    Lake Forest Elementary School
    Cindy Carpenter
    Phone: (916) 933-0652 x5580
    Lakeview Elementary School
    Erin Sargent
    Phone: (916) 941-2600 x6080
    Rescue Elementary School
    Sheri Allen
    Phone: (530) 677-2720 x3007
    Marina Village Middle School
    Theresa Stephanopoulos
    Phone: (916) 933-3993 x6556
    Pleasant Grove Middle School
    Natalie Hadden
    Phone: (530) 672-4400 x4064