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    Rescue Union School District

    Educating for the Future, Together


    Facilities Department provides adequate, modern classrooms and educational facilities for all students.  The department is responsible for the planning and construction of improvements to the existing school facilities, the acquisition of new school property, the planning and construction of new school facilities, ensuring school safety issues are addressed, overseeing applications for state funding and monitoring funding sources. 

      Sean Martin
      Assistant Superintendent of
      Business Services
      2390 Bass Lake Road
      Rescue, CA 95672
      Phone: (530) 672-4803
      Fax: (530) 677-0719

      Phillip Jones
      Maintenance and Operations
      Phone: (530) 672-4301
      Fax: (530) 677-5182
      Jean Shirkman
      Support Services Secretary
      Phone: (530) 672-4300
      Fax: (530) 677-5182