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    Welcome to the Rescue Frontier Virtual Academy Program

    Welcome to the Rescue Frontier Virtual Academy Program

    Rescue Frontier Virtual Academy
    RUSD Frontier: A Community of Innovative Pioneers!

    RUSD Frontier: A Community of Innovative Pioneers!

    The history of our own community has been one that showcases the incredible spirit of those who settled in the area of Rescue and its surrounding foothills to forge and pioneer the way for generations to follow.  Now, so many years later we face our own frontier of responding to a changing world with innovation and courage while we hold steadfast to our goal of educating for the future together.
    Let's Draw a Frontiersman! - YouTube
    Frontier Gazette! 

    Frontier Gazette! 

    We are so proud of all of our Frontier students and their teachers! Please enjoy learning about what our students are up to in our monthly Frontier Gazette!
    Mrs. Bohren's Weekly News and Updates!
    October/November Updates
    As we venture into November and the end of the first trimester of school, I wanted to ensure I said thank you to each and every one of you out there for enduring a challenging school start up with patience and calm.  We have come so far as a community and I am proud of our ability to work through the path that we began back in August.  Thank you for entrusting us with educating your children...thank you for not giving up when days were very tough...thank you for being there to support your children through it all as each day passes...and most of all, thank you for standing by me in this journey for it is truly who you have by your side that matters.  -Amy Bohren
    Frontier Middle School Leadership Club Needs Parent Talent! We are looking for parents who would be willing to do one virtual 45 minute worksop of their choice for our Frontier Middle School kids!   Here are some ideas we would love to have workshops on:  Guitar lesson, cake decorating, art lesson, cooking class, holiday arts and crafts, dance, yoga...???  Please reach out to Lori Maurer at lmaurer@my.rescueusd.org if you would be willing to teach a workshop for our awesome Frontier kiddos!
    Food Services: Please see this important flyer about November food service: Nov. 16 curbside . pick up flier.pdf
    Yearbook: Frontier School Pictures dates are now completed.  I am working diligently with all of the yearbook coordinators at each site to ensure our Frontier kiddos are part of their yearbooks.   This is certainly a year for the history books so we will want to remember 2020!  Here are the different schools and information about ordering yearbooks:
    Green Valley Elementary: Please contact Sarah Phillips for any Green Valley yearbook questions at gvyearbook@my.rescueusd.org
    Yearbooks will go on sale in February.
    Photo Uploads: gvyearbook@my.rescueusd.org  Please include child's name and grade with any pictures sent!
    Rescue Elementary: Please contact Shannon Sherman regarding any yearbook questions:  rescueyearbook@my.rescueusd.org.   
    Jackson Elementary: More information regarding the Jackson yearbook is forthcoming later in November.  Please contact Tonia Nichols at  tnichols@my.rescueusd.org  should you have any questions.
    Lakeview Elementary: Please contact Anna Doughty at adoughty@my.rescueusd.org with yearbook questions.  The pre-order price is $18  prior to January 15th and $25 thereafter. Yearbook order forms will be available at the Lakeview office starting in November. Lakeview has their picture make-up day scheduled for Dec. 2nd.    Those who didn't have pictures taken with i-click will have an opportunity to get their picture taken with Lifetouch for the yearbook.  Students are invited to stop by between 11:45 - 2:00 to take picture. All required COVID precautions should be strictly followed.  Please contact Anna Doughty if you plan to attend. 
    Lake Forest Elementary:  Lake Forest Coordinator is Valerie Rondone: vrondone@gmail.com 
    Yearbook purchase information will be available on the Lake Forest website shortly.  You can upload pictures here: Lake Forest Student Photo Upload
    Pleasant Grove: Please contact Tammie Cotenas at tcotenas@my.rescueusd.org
    PG Online Yearbook Sales:  http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A01081945
    PG Private Photo Share:      https://images.jostens.com/415474208
    The user id is:     415474208   
    Marina Village:  
    Please contact Tara Lubic for any yearbook questions: tlubic@my.rescueusd.org
    -Yearbooks are at a discounted price of $45 until 11/20/20, then they go up to $50 until 1/30/21. Finally, they are $55 for the rest of the school year.
    MV Online Yearbook Sales:      http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A00600430
    MV Private Photo Share:          https://images.jostens.com/415474201
    The user id is:         415474201
    Frontier Mental Health & Counseling Corner: 
    The Frontier middle school counselors have been hard at work supporting both hybrid and Frontier students.  Here are just some of the things Ms. Harp and Ms. Hawkins have done to guide our Middle School Frontier students through this unprecedented time: 
    • All new Mental Health Google Classroom: All Frontier students were invited to join the class!
    • Counselors have been working collaboratively to make sure every student has joined and have been following up with those still needing to accept the Google class invite. 
    • Counselors dropped into every single English class and introduced themselves and made sure kids knew how to reach them if they needed support
    • Counselors have each been meeting with students as students or parents request it
    • Counselors pushed out a needs assessment and 179 students responded (250 in class)
    • Ms. Hawkins creates a lesson each week and pushes it out on the Google classroom (lessons are based off of student needs assessment data)
    • Home to school communication with students/families of student with any failing grades
    • Collaboration with EL coordinator Amy  to make sure EL students are supported
    • Collaboration with special education department and teachers to support learning
    •  Jupiter grades message sent 3 weeks before trimester grades are due to all students and parents.
    •  Frontier teachers provided with counseling referral form   
    • Created a digital response crisis protocol and educated Frontier staff about it
    • Myrna and Ms. Hawkins are both hosting a virtual open session for Frontier kids Friday from 12:30 pm-1:00 (Mrs. Hawkins)  pm  & 1:00-1:30 pm (Mrs. Harp).  It's drop-in so that students can come as they would like.   
    Check out some cool digital classrooms for students from the PG and MV Counselors!
    Pleasant Grove Frontier Students:  
    September 14-18th

    Parent Advisory Committee Members: I am happy to announce the following group of parents who will be joining me monthly.   There is a representative from each of our 7 school sites:

    Jenn Goodwin  - Green Valley Elementary                    
    Kristine Teshima  - Lakeview Elementary             
    Carrie Stafford - Lake Forest Elementary      
    Lisa Rodriquez  - Lakeview Elementary             
    Jason Pelletier  - Rescue Elemetnary                 
    Elizabeth Gunderson - Marina Village Middle School
    Erin Glancy -  Marina Village Middle School                 
    Holly Smith   -Marina Village Middle School                  
    Jennifer Bush - Marina Village Middle School   
    Carolyn Helgoth-Pleasant Grove Middle School          
    Emails: Our tech department has given all site principals the ability to include all Frontier parents from their school on school correspondence and updates!  We want all of our Frontier families and students to still remain connected and a part of their home school community!   If you are still not receiving updates from your home school, please reach out to the site secretary!

    Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences: Middle school conferences will be on September 24th and 25th.  Conferences will be by invite only. Teachers reached out this week to parents of students who they have concerns about with a conference time and zoom link on September 18th. 

    Middle School Materials Pick-Up Date: September 30th at Pleasant Grove from  4-6pm.  All Frontier Middle School students will be receiving vocabulary workbooks on this date. 

    4th-8th Grade: School Progress Reports:  4-8th grade school progress reports will be available on the Aeries Parent Portal on September 25th for 6-8th graders.  4th and 5th grade teachers will provide individual progress reports for students.

    Attendance: Attendance on zooms is required.  Some students are sharing with teachers that they are missing zooms due to travel to different states, etc.  Please make every effort to take family vacations during normal school breaks .  School is in session and all students are expected to attend every day, just like in the traditional setting.  Teachers are not able to re-teach lessons missed due to these types of reasons and it will be considered an unexcused absence.  At the same time, technical difficulties due to power outages in our area, etc. are unavoidable and we understand that things may need to be adjusted during these instances.  

    Instructional Materials:   1st graders have been waiting patiently for their English/Language Arts K12 kits-I just got word from Fuel ED that they will be delivered around 9/23-FINALLY!  All other back-ordered materials are expected to arrive by 9/29

    STRIDE k-5: A new program will be available for all K-5 Frontier kiddos in early October.  This program is part of the K12 suite and is an adaptive intervention and enrichment online program  for ELA and math that is individualized based on student performance.  

    Frontier "library": Student in the Frontier program are provided K12 books and readers, access to the online digital library called "Big Universe" and any teacher distributed books.  

    School Pictures: Frontier students will have the opportunity to take their school pictures on three separate days at Ridgeview Park in El Dorado Hills.    Here is the registration link so you can sign up: https://iclickstudios.as.me/frontier .    On picture days, please plan to have your child take pictures and then keep socially distanced from all other students, etc.  Let's keep everyone safe!

    School PTO Groups:

    Hands for Hope: Come Learn How You Can Give Back to your Community!
    Hands4Hope is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping unmet community needs in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties. Our Hands4Hope Marina Club has helped causes from Foothill Dog Rescue to Shriners Hospital for Children to homeless outreaches and many more. We host youth-led meetings to plan projects as a club and decide together who we want to help! Our club is a great place to make friends while earning community service hours.
    Join us for our informational Zoom meeting on Wednesday 9/23 at 3:30 PM.
    RSVP   by 9/21 to get the meeting link, cut and paste this url:
    To learn more about Hands4Hope visit https://www.hands4hopeyouth.org/
    We look forward to meeting you!
    The Hands4Hope Marina Club Leadership Team
    Kai,Taylor,Jack and Evan
    September 8-11

    Frontier Website 
    This will be our central meeting point to find out about Frontier updates, points of contact, and a cool spot to showcase our awesome Frontier students and their virtual learning experiences!   

    Emails to you From Multiple School Sites: Confusing!
    We know that has been really confusing getting emails from multiple school sites! Our technology department is working hard to remedy this challenge in the days to come-work in progress!  We are trying to enable you to receive emails from your school of residence as well as from Frontier so you will be able to stay connected!

    New Frontier Gazette!
    Monthly newspaper highlighting Frontier students!  We love our Frontier pioneers!  The Gazette will be sent via email and posted on the Frontier Website at the start of each month!

    Parent Advisory Group:
    Many parents graciously signed up to be on the advisory group for Frontier.  In order to keep the size of the group at an appropriate level, a random selection process was used to create a representative group of parents from the grade level spans and special education.  Selected parents were notified earlier this week. 

    School Pictures:
    -Registration for pictures was sent out last week. Pictures will be taken at Ridgeview Park in El Dorado Hills for all Frontier students.  Registration is required.   Miss the email?  Here is the link to register: https://iclickstudios.as.me/frontier 

    -Unfortunately, this year due to Covid there will be no class pictures, just individual student pictures.

    -Once you click on the link, you will be asked to select the date, time, teacher and enter student information.  If you have multiple students, you only need to register once!  For middle schoolers, you can just enter your child's English teacher as the teacher!

    Will Frontier have a yearbook?  
    I am working with ICLICK to have students included in their school of residence yearbook. For example, if your student is normally a Lake Forest student, I am trying my best to ensure he/she is included in the Lake Forest yearbook.  I can’t provide a 100% confirmation on this, but wanted to let you know I am making every attempt to have our Frontier students included in their school’s yearbook!
     --------MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY ZONE!--------
    Middle School Materials  
    All middle school students should now have picked up their school textbooks and student planners.  If you were unable to pick up materials in early September, materials can be picked up anytime during school hours from Pleasant Grove Middle School front office.  

    Middle School Day: Students should remember that the school day is from 8:30 to 2:30. Most of the assigned work in the morning should be completed from 11:30 to 2:30 since teachers are available to provide assistance and support during this time. Please utilize teacher office hours for questions and support!

    Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences: Middle school conferences will be on September 24th and 25th.  Conferences will be by invite only. Teachers will be reaching out to parents of students who they have concerns about with a conference time and zoom link on September 18th.      
    Middle School Week at a Glance: All middle school teachers will be providing “ A Week at a Glance” for both students and parents to be more equipped to plan ahead for the week.  These will be available on Google Classroom at the start of each week.  Please ask your child for their Google Class login credentials so you can see what they see!  This is the best way for parents to stay tuned to daily assignments and happenings in each classroom is by using their student’s login credentials.  Parents are able to sign up for weekly updates on student’s progress but this only provides minimal access.  Please help your student by logging in and reviewing their daily work with them.  Many parents are using a large white dry erase board to help students keep track of assignments. 

    Student Daily Planners: All students were provided a daily planner last week. Every teacher is giving students time to write their assignments in their planner.  Please check to make sure your student is completing this task so they can stay organized!

    Consistent Due Date Time:  All middle school students are encouraged to complete assignments within the 8:30-2:30 school day.  We encourage students to do the majority of their assignments independently during the 11:30-2:30 time span so that teachers can assist students.  However, we also understand that students may need additional time and that some parents who may be working during the day and may want to review their child’s work in the evening.  All teachers now have the consistent due date time of 9:00p.m. Students need to submit work by 9:00p.m. in order for the assignments to be considered on time.
    Jupiter Grades: Parents are strongly encouraged to check Jupiter grades daily.  Some students currently are not completing all assignments and need more support at home to ensure work is getting completed on time.  If you have any questions regarding accessing Jupiter grades, please contact any of your student’s teachers. 
    Late Assignments: Students who do not submit work by the due date and 9pm deadline, will receive up to 50% on assignments that are turned in late.  Late work will only be accepted up to one week past the due date.  

    Attendance and Tardiness: Some students are arriving late to zooms and some students are not attending all zooms.  This Fall is very different from Distance Learning in Spring and all students are adjusting to the increased rigor of our current distance learning program.  Students who do not attend zooms regularly and are missing zooms, will be marked as absent and will be forwarded to the EDCOE School Attendance Review Board for further action.

    Amy Bohren 
    Frontier Virtual Academy
    English Learner Coordinator
    Student Support Services
    Rescue Union School District